Still trying to figure out what to give your guests for that last-minute holiday party? When parties aren’t organized in advance, it can be stressful. Many people often feel stress around the holiday period, however, those people should really try and find methods to help them cope. Perhaps some of the best CBD products could be beneficial for people planning parties at Christmas. It could help people to manage their stress, allowing them to fully focus on their party. There are lots of things that can be done to make your party exciting. Even if you host it before or after Christmas, here’s a quick way to display those adorable candy favors. We’re going to show you a simple way to turn your cardboard letters into glamorous favor trays that you can use as a table centerpiece or display on your buffet. For this DIY you’ll need a few cardboard letters, a box cutter, glitter, mod podge, a small paintbrush, tissue paper and some candy favors. You’ll also need to secure your favors with wire or twine, and any other table decorations to liven up the look. Check it out!
Using the box cutter, cut the top layer of the cardboard letters very carefully. A craft knife will work to, but it might take a little longer to complete. Double teaming, Geneane and I finished these letters in a flash. We actually started racing to see who could finish their letters first, which probably wasn’t the best idea since we were working with sharp tools, but I tell you, it is that simple. Stick the pointed end at the corner of the letter and saw up and down until the top is completely cut off.
Next, clear out the cardboard fillers inside the letters (the “guts” as we like to call it). These are the bare bones of your cardboard trays.
We used a gold craft glitter for this project, as it’s very luxe and shows pretty thick on the letters, which we liked. A fine glitter would do just as well. Mix 2 parts glitter to 1 part mod podge. Swirl it around with your paintbrush and begin applying the first layer to the outer edges of the letter.
Once the first layer is somewhat dry, you may still see a few holes or gaps in the glitter where the cardboard shows through. Apply a second coat of mod podge on the outer edges again, but this time, gently pour the glitter directly on top. Some of the excess will fall off, like it did on your elementary school projects, but follow it up by patting the sides with the paintbrush.
Pick your choice of holiday candy. Simply wrap it in tissue paper and secure it with twine.
Place the candy favors inside the letter close to each other so it will appear full and dense.
That’s it! Play around with the tissue paper color choices that fit your party’s theme. You can also fill the trays directly with candy or any other type of favor that you want. We love the dazzling gold glitter on the sides- when your guests sit at the table, they can see it pretty easily and their favors are just within arm’s reach. We also love DIYs that serve more than one purpose. This one’s pretty easy, and pretty pretty, too! Happy holidays!