Easter’s coming soon! I have to admit- I do get a little jealous of the kiddos who have a ton of yummy candy in their ginormous Easter baskets.  But hey, why not make your own adult Easter baskets?  Just like any gift box, fill it with simple treats and goodies to give to your girlfriends to wish them a happy holiday.  No need to go crazy expensive here if you don’t want to, just be sure to treat them with anything that will make them smile.  I like to use smaller baskets, so I don’t get carried away with buying gifts; the great thing is that they come in all fun shapes, sizes and styles.

For this DIY, you’ll need:


Step 1:

Stuff your basket to the top with party box filler.  I like the pastel pink colors for filler because it contrasts with the straw-colored basket.  I like to fill these all the way to the top, so that the gifts sit upright, and out of the basket.



Step 2:

Begin filling your basket.  I chose small gifts- a notebook, pencil, jewelry tray, fun clothespins, a pocket mirror, and a small candle just to name a few.  These simple gift items were very inexpensive and are small enough to fit inside.  My girlfriends can also use these items in their every day life- at the office, on the go and I was sure to add a bit of chocolate to keep it extra sweet.  Sit the items upright and try to place the larger items at the back of the basket and the smaller items at the front.




Step 3: 

Once you have all your gift items set, add the flowers.  I bunched together a small bouquet of silk flowers and added them to the back of the basket.



Step 4:

Add a gift tag and any other final embellishments on the handle.



Step 5:

If you choose, cover the basket with clear cellophane wrapping.  I like to keep the basket open- since the basket is so small.



The fun part about this Easter basket craft is making the basket colorful and unique for the person receiving it.  You can even add some color to the basket itself with paint or glitter.  Ribbons are great embellishments and I’ve even added a few craft keys to give it more flair.  There’s never too much.  Make it fun and personalize it for your loved ones!

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