It’s the start of the holiday season and with all the stores showing off their holiday displays, one has no choice to get prepared for the parties, the food and fun.  To start off the season, I want to show you a simple 5-minute gift wrapping DIY that you can do for Christmas or even Thanksgiving.  With just a few wooden beads and a Sharpie pen, you can create unique tags to top your presents.



For this DIY, you’ll need:
  • A black gel pen (I used a Sharpie pen)
  • Wooden beads
  • Yarn or twine
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Other gift wrap embellishments

 Before stringing the beads on the yarn, write out each letter of your message or name with the pen.  Don’t use a marker, because it will bleed.  It’ll seep through the cracks of the bead and become a big mess.  But I like how thin the letters look when using a pen.  It gives it a modern look.  You can also paint the beads a different color before writing on them.  A metallic gold would look great, or you can even use chalkboard paint and write the letters with chalk.  There’s no limit to the creativity with this.  Write “thanks,” “give thanks,” or thank you” to tailor it to Thanksgiving Day.
 I’ve added mini pine cones along with wooden chips for name tags.  Add any other embellishments you’d like to give it some more flair.
And that’s it.  I’ve wrapped these gifts with newspaper to make it look rustic, yet modern.  I think this is one of the quickest ways to spruce up your gift wrap, especially if it’s down to the wire and you’re having trouble deciding what to do.  Check out our other gift wrapping ideas, and stay tuned for more holiday crafts from us!