How to: 4th of July Photo Backdrop

The 4th of July is right around the corner!  This week on our list of fireworkin’ fun is a bit of beach camping on Assateague Island, crab parties and backyard barbeques.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much this holiday, because we definitely are the type of family who loves to go into Washington, DC to watch the fireworks over the monument.  To get ready for some July 4th fun, we wanted to show you how to create an easy banner and backdrop for your Independence Day party.  We love these accordion paper circles and the overall vintage, “carnival” look of our banner.  Paired along with it, we’ve created simple craft “rockets” as photobooth props.


We enjoy pulling smaller craft elements together to create a photo backdrop.  It’s fun trying to find what elements fit together to tell the greater story.  The paper circles, made from old books, fans and twine come together to create a vintage style backdrop.  All we need is a few hot dogs and ice cream to finish it off!


To create the paper garland, you will need:

  • An old book
  • Twine
  • Craft glue
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Circle cutter


To make one paper fan, start by cutting out two pages from your old book.  We used an old poetry book for this part, and the pages were about 5″ x 7.”



Accordion fold both pages.  Make sure each page has the same number of folds.



Tie both of the paper folds together with twine.  Once knotted, cut off the excess twine.


Fold both pages outward to create the circle and spread out each corner of the pinwheel. – See more at:


Spread out the four corners of the pages and secure the ends together with craft glue to create a circle.



Once the glue is dry, the accordion paper circle is complete.  Create multiples of these to make the garland.  You can create a garland with just the book pages, but we decided to add some red and blue circles to display our 4th of July greeting.  For this you’ll need the scrapbook paper and a circle cutter.



Cut two circles, one at 2 1/4″ and 2 1/2.”  Layer the two pieces together, with the larger circle on the bottom and the smaller on top.



or some added dimension, use foam tape in between the layers.



Add your lettering on the top layer.  We printed and cut out white lettering reading, “Happy 4th.”  Attach this element to the center of your paper circle with hot glue and hang it with twine.  We didn’t want any holes in our paper garland, so we hot glued the twine on the backside of the paper garland.



We also decided to hang red, blue and cream vertical fans along the sides of the banner for some extra fun.



This backdrop is super fun and a great addition to any 4th of July party!  I hope everyone has a great holiday spent with family and friends!  Happy DIY!