How to Make a Wall Hanger from Driftwood

Hey crafters!  It’s Alicia here.  I wanted to share a DIY project that gives your walls a little love but also serves some function.  I have had these two pieces of driftwood on my craft shelf since my wedding, which was over a year ago.  Time after time I’d walk past them, pick them up, put them down- trying to figure out what to use them for after they served their first purpose as  table-top wedding decor.  So I finally decided to create a wall hanger for some of my jewelry and lightweight items.  If you don’t want to purchase driftwood from the craft store, you can take a walk at your nearby beach for some, or if you’re not so close to the beach, grab a few small pieces of wood from outdoors.  This would would need to be cleaned and sanded down to ensure a smooth, indoor-friendly finish.  Also, choose wood that is rather thick.  A thin piece of wood would snap very easily and wouldn’t hang on the wall very well.

You will need:

  • Driftwood
  • Twine
  • Metal eye screw hooks
  • Regular screw hooks
  • Craft glue
Begin by wrapping the driftwood in different color twine or yarn.  There’s not really an exact method for this step, except making sure that the twine is tightly coiled.  I secured the loose string in the back with liquid craft glue.



Next, note which way is the front, back, top and bottom, and screw a few key hooks at the bottom.  Depending on the wood you’ve chosen, it may take a bit of pressure to insert the hooks.



Next, screw in the eye hooks at the ends making sure they are placed at the approximate same height on either side.  String twine through these hooks at the ends and tie a knot at the top.  This will allow you to hang it on the wall.


That’s it!  I know “how much weight can this hold?” will be a popular question.  I didn’t want to break it right after I made it, so I didn’t test it to see exactly how much it could hold.  But when I first thought about this craft, I had only intended it to be used for jewelry.  After I was finished I placed a scarf and a small empty purse on it and it held well.  I created this four days ago and all of these items are still hanging on it and haven’t fallen.  So I would say, hang jewelry and scarves mainly.  Let it be a cute conversation piece when you show your friends your closet, or have it hang near your front door.  But definitely do not think about hanging backpacks and heavy coats on this!  It’s a minimal piece, therefore, it’s good to keep the items hung on it, to a minimum.  Hope you like it and happy DIY!