Hey everybody! So we all know the fall season is in session and everyone’s bringing out they’re pumpkins and orange and green colors. I wanted to try a craft that I’ve seen all over the internet: Apple candles. So you know here at Spark and Chemistry we stress affordable, easy craft-making, and this one definitely fit the bill. I can’t tell you how simple it is to make apple candles and how tasty it is too! I grabbed a few combo red and green-colored apples from the fridge, and found some spare tealights. Those two items are the main ingredients for this crafty recipe. Add to that a knife, melon baller, and a pen.
Let’s talk about the apples. They come in a variety of colors: deep red, light red, green, and my favorite, a combination red/green color. I chose the red/green color because it goes great with all my fall decor. It’s also good to pick out apples that stand up as straight as possible. You don’t want them to accidentally tip over when lit. A slight lean is okay- I like to see the wax drip down on the sides of the apples that lean a little bit. So begin by setting your tealight on top of the apple, at the center. Next, take your pen (ballpoint is best), and trace tightly around the tealight on the apple.
You will reveal a nice guideline to cut across. Try to make this line as tight to the tealight as you can so that the tealight will fit snug in the hole you create.
Next, cut along that line in a very slow sawing motion with the knife. You want to go slow on this so that you will get the best precision line. I’m a little obsessive, so I made sure to get the circle as perfect as I could. I tried my best! You have to stop yourself at some point, right? Make sure to puncture the apple down as far as the height of your tealight, so that when you insert it, the top of the apple will be flush with the light. I found that if you’re using a melon baller, you can kind of wing that; a melon baller automatically gets you the perfect height. Hey, this craft is supposed to be easy right? No stress.
Now put that melon baller to work. Hollow out the middle of the apple, making sure to stay within the line you created. I found that this part was the trickiest, because the core was thick and tough to remove. Take the jagged edge of the melon baller to scoop out the core. It might take a little muscle work. As you’re hollowing out the apple, use the smooth side of the melon baller to get the inner edges of the circle nice and precise.
Finally, pop the tealight in- I removed the silver casing on the tealight for aesthetics- and light ‘er up! That’s how you make apple candles for the fall season. I love it! It’s so pretty and adds a lot of character to any fall decor. Of course, it’s important that people remember to put this out when they’re leaving the house and ensure it’s not left near anything that might catch fire. Candles are one of the leading causes of house fires, so keep an eye on this apple candle at all times to make sure it’s burning safely. Some homeowners already have fire extinguishers in their property from, so they could use that if a fire broke out. By keeping an eye on the candle, it should be fine. I hope you enjoyed this! If you like, share it with your friends!