Hello again crafters! I thought I’d make some more coasters to use, since the other coasters I made were done a while ago. I love the pop of color in these coasters and that all it took was a bit of twine. I’ve seen many twine coasters, but I wanted these to have an extra element: color! These also go very well with the rest of my home decor like my wall art prints. I will say that this DIY took some time; but, I’m in love with the end result. Make these as a gift to give to your loved ones!

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Jute rope
  • Different colors of twine
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Scissors


Start by coiling the end of the rope around itself. You will need a small bit of glue to hold it in place in the beginning. If you are prone to burning yourself with the glue, you can use another craft glue to start: fabric glue, E-6000. Once you get a small amount started, begin using the hot glue. Glue around the edge of the circle, while wrapping the rope in a flat, circular pattern.



At some point, you’ll want to add the different color twine. When you do, wrap the twine around the rope, tightly. Continue coiling the color in for as long as you want to. Use your glue at the ends to keep it secure. There’s no exact method to doing this, just make sure that after adding the color twine you continue glue around in a circle.
You can add as much color as you like, but I liked the small amounts that I used. It’s gives a hint of color and keeps the nautical look with the jute rope. (Plus, it would take longer to add more color!) My coasters turned out to be 4″ in diameter. You can keep coiling if you’d like to create a pot trivet, but I hadn’t tested that for heat resistance yet, so I decided to stick with making coasters. But that’s it! Just secure the end of the coaster’s rope with a small bit of hot glue and when it begins to cool, you can press it down to secure it.
These are great to pull out when you have guests and you can tell everyone that you made it yourself! Of course, there are a lot of other DIYs you can try to impress your guests. For example, you can try one of these curtain rod alternatives (tree branch one is my favorite). You can get creative and use the twine coasters as wall decor. It would look great near the tree branch curtain rod, in case you end up making it.
DIYs can take up time. So making these while a good movie or some music on is ideal. I don’t know what it is, but the time flies when a good movie is on; and before I know it, I’m done. But I hope you guys like it!