It’s February! And that means it’s time for chocolate presented in tempting heart-shaped boxes, “awww”-invoking greeting cards, and teddy bears the size of Mt. Rushmore everywhere you go. And while all these things are quite lovely indeed, they are not the true essence of St. Valentine’s holiday. Yes, it’s all about love, but it’s truly about empowering yourself with love. The best way to do this is to first love yourself and then to inspire others to do the same. So this holiday, instead of obsessing over the perfect date or starting an online dating profile because you don’t have the perfect date, simply cherish yourself and share your message of self love with your family and friends. Get started with our simple tutorial for these adorable bath salt gifts complete with vials and burlap bags!



Use your funnel and then spoon your bath salt into your glass vial. If you’re having trouble balancing the vial and the funnel, try placing the vial inside of a tall glass while you pour. Drop a vial or two inside your burlap bag along with some of the beautiful quotes that we found. Check out these words of inspiration in our free Love Yourself Printables.



We really liked the idea of using glass vials, which are often used for scientific purposes like holding liquid medicine. We thought we’d fill our vials with a different kind of remedy, the kind needed after a hectic and stressful work day — bath salts for a long, well-deserved bath. The unique packaging for this gift is what makes it so special, so be sure to give one to every woman in your life — friends, coworkers, family and neighbors. Everyone needs a little pampering along with an enduring message of love. These bath salt vials will really make great party favors for birthdays, bridal showers and weddings.


For our Love Yourself Printables, we created tags for your vials and found inspiring quotes to empower the women in your life. We encourage you to look for your own uplifting quotes, print them out and drop them in your burlap bags. Complete your gift by filling out the gift tag and using twine to seal the package.