If you’re looking for a DIY project to help you empty out that drawer full of knick knacks, try creating these adorable and chic storage trays to get you organized.  Using only shoeboxes, I made these to store my makeup.  It’s a great way to reuse them instead of tossing them away, and not to mention, it might be a great excuse to buy more shoes! Check it out!

Selecting the type of box tops you use is crucial to making this DIY functional.  For one drawer insert, you’ll need at least two box tops.  Though we’ll show you a basic type of insert, you can create multiple types depending on what you need to store.



  • Shoeboxes and tops
  • Spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue gun with glue


First, you’ll need to select two shoebox tops.  One needs to be able to fit pretty snug inside of the other.  This will be crucial as we get further along in the project.

Begin by covering the box tops with spray paint.  Though this is optional, I think they look best with a bright, metallic color rather than its original look.  Be sure to coat the entire top to hide the manufacturer logo and other colors underneath.

Flip the box top so that the manufacturer logo is up, and draw a line across it.  Cut along that line using the craft knife and a pair of scissors.  I found that an X-acto knife worked extremely well when turning the corners and cutting through the thick cardboard.

Draw another line along the center of the top and cut along that line as well.  You should now have four pieces.  Flip those pieces over on their backs and glue them all together with hot glue.

Place the insert into another shoebox top.  It should fit pretty snug- if not cut off some of the ends with the X-acto knife for sharp, clean lines.

You can make a variety of different insert types to fit your storage needs.  You may need more than two box tops if you decide to make more complicated insert types.  There’s no limit to the amount of trays you can make and they are very handy for storing those small items that get stuffed in the bottom of your drawers.  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!