Before you wrap that Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, consider this colorful ribbon-wrapping with floral accents.  Small, elegant touches with ribbon can give life and color to any ordinary gift box.  Try using thin ribbon as I did here to create a minor, yet eye-catching present for that special person.  This is a very simple craft, that makes a beautiful statement.


Step 1:

Tape one end of the ribbon to the underside of the box, and bring it up and over to the other side of the box, making sure the ribbon is tight.  Secure the other end at the bottom with tape.

Step 2:

Repeat step 1, adding as many color and as many strips of ribbon as you like, making sure the ribbon is not loose and secured with tape at the bottom.

Step 3: 

Remove the bloom from the stem on your silk flower.  Glue the flower to the top of the box.

These pretty flower boxes are great for bridal showers or weddings- the recipient will love how unique and personalized they are.  Be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos to let us know that you tried this lovely DIY!