Hey ladies! Did you just finish doing your wall with something like this peel and stick wallpaper and want to add a little more to it? Add some colorful wall art to your bedroom or beauty studio using an unconventional writing tool: lipstick! This simple DIY is bold – and can show off your favorite lipstick colors. Check out one of our fun, beautiful DIYs for Valentine’s Day: XOXO Lipstick wall art. For some, it might be more straightforward to know the difference between acrylic and canvas prints so you can buy the print you’d like so you can get that Lipstick wall art look but anyway back to making some ourselves!



Step 1:

This is optional, but if you want to add some color to the matte board inside the frame, paint it. Here, I’ve chosen a gold, metallic paint from FolkArt. For a seamless look, paint each side with vertical strokes, so that the brush pattern on the matte board is consistent. Paint a couple of coats to ensure all of the white board is covered. Set it aside to dry. It should dry pretty quickly – this one dried in about 10 minutes.



Step 2:

While the matte board is drying, very lightly with a pencil, draw the XO pattern. You’re only using this as a guide, so want to draw lightly – just enough to get an idea of where the letters will be. If the strokes are too thick, it will show through the lipstick.



Step 3:

Grab two of your boldest, baddest lipstick colors. Lightly trace the lines you have made with the pencil, creating the XO pattern. Press down lightly, so that it does not break (you still want to use it afterwards)!



Step 4:

The lipstick does not need to dry, but you do want to make sure there aren’t any areas that are too thick because it may transfer on to the glass front of the frame. I found that standing the frame up on a table and taping the image to the matte board that way, rather than laying it face down, helped keep it from transferring onto the glass. Add the cardboard back to the frame and you’re ready to hang it!



Hang this wall art in your room, to compliment any colorful pictures or 5 piece wall art examples you already have; or brighten up a bookshelf with this vibrant art. It’s a simple DIY that is girly, sweet, and also, makes a wonderful gift idea! We can’t wait to see you try it!

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