Cupid’s Arrow: Valentine’s Day Wall Art

Hey ladies!  So it’s been a super crazy week for me.  I’ve been trying to recover from dental surgery so I can get back into my DIYs.  No fun.  But finally, Geneane and I are back on track; and we have a cute Valentine’s day craft for you.  We’ve created wall decor from Cupid’s arrow.  This is a great craft for your Valentine’s Day party or even birthdays and other celebrations that are around February 14th.  This DIY doesn’t take any time at all- in fact, I believe this only took me 5-10 minutes.  Sometimes you just want to make something that is super quick, that works.  For this DIY, I’m reusing some of the old cardboard cylinders from my Christmas gift wrapping paper and a bit of scrapbook paper.  So during the holidays, don’t throw those gift wrap rolls away, keep them for Valentine’s day!  This will be one of the easiest Valentine’s Day crafts you’ll make and great for little hands too!


  • Gift wrap cardboard paper tubes
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks


This DIY is as simple as cutting out the shapes of the arrow and taping them down to your paper tube.  We used scrapbook paper since the shapes are larger, cutting out a large heart, and three V-shaped wings for the end.  Tape them down securely as shown above and below.


If you don’t mind tiny holes in your wall, hang the arrows using thumbtacks.  Stick the thumbtack on the inside of the roll at both ends, and to the wall.  Easy peezy!  Now you have cute wall decor to hang for your Valentine’s Day party!  Happy DIY!