Father’s Day Gift Card Holders (and Free Printable!)

Hey, crafters! Assemble some simple gift card holders for all the great fathers in your life!

I read in some article that the two things fathers want most for Father’s Day are 1) gift cards and 2) quality time with their kids. Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 15th this year, so don’t forget to set aside some time to spend with the first special man in your life. But don’t show up empty handed. Get the guy a gift card to a tool store or auto shop or wherever it is that he likes to go (for my father, it’s Bass Pro Shops).



Begin by printing out the three awesome and free Father’s Day Gift Card Templates. You can print on plain white paper, but I think it’s more fun to use a colored cardstock.


Place your template onto a piece of cardboard and use your X-acto knife to slowly trace around the chunky font. For the best results, you should try to cut just outside of the black lettering.


Trace a line across the four cornered edges so that you create a vague square outline.


Use your bone folder and press neatly as you trace along the penciled square.


Once you fold in all the sides, your finished product will be a miniature envelope, just small enough for a gift card and even a folded note for your dad. Use washi tape to stick your gift card down inside the envelope holder.



Thanks for checking out this post! We’re definitely thinking about making more gift card holders like these for other occasions like birthdays or weddings. So definitely let us know what you think because we do this just for you, our awesome crafty readers!