Light Up Someone’s Life: 12 Days of Christmas Candles

It’s that lovely, magical time of year when we’re all frantically shopping, decorating, baking, and a even doing little partying, (lol) but it’s so important that in all this fun, crazy, holiday magic, we don’t forget to make someone else’s day brighter and better.  This year, I thought it would be special to share with you an activity, or a few activities, that would be great for kids, teens and even adults to spread a little love and cheer into the life of someone else.  I love those unexpected gifts- the sweet, heartfelt ones that take your breath away no matter how small or large.  And we all know, you don’t always have to buy something tangible to make someone’s holiday special.  So this DIY gets you crafting a little bit, and also gets you out of the house, to make a few memories.  It’s a great way to “light up” someone else’s life.   This is a very simple craft- you only need 12 votive candles (or as many as you want), toothpicks, tape or craft glue, and our 12 printable flags and tags.  You can also get really creative and make up your own activities, unique to your family or community.  Let’s get started!



I love the pop of gold foil underneath the numbered label.  It gives a chic and festive feel.   For these votive candles I cut 1.25″ x 6″ strips of gold foil, and our slightly smaller 1″ x 6″ numbered strips.  Layer the two pieces with the numbered strip on top, and glue or tape them secured together on the backside of the candle.


Tape or glue the activity flag around the top of a toothpick.  I found that simple tacky glue works well for this as the tape can make the flag a little more flimsy.


When all the candles are labeled, insert the toothpick slightly in the wax of the candle on the side.  No need to push it all the way down, it stays pretty secure inserted just slightly- plus, it allows the flag to stick out on top.


Make sure you leave the candles unlit when the toothpicks are inside.  When an activity is complete at the end of the day, you can then light the candle until all 12 are lit.  This is a great way to reflect on all the ways you “lit up someone else’s life” this Christmas.  Think of all the memories you’ll make and the stories to tell for years! 🙂  Besides, you’ll have 12 new, beautiful votive candles to display on your shelf or table.


Happy holidays everyone!  Light 12, 25, 31, or an infinite number of candles as a reminder of the positive difference you made in another person’s life this year and download our free printable here!  I think this is a great way for kids to learn the importance of giving, not only gifts, but also of themselves this season!