Love Notes Printables

Hey, crafters! Okay, so we were brainstorming clever yet inexpensive ways to show the person you love that you’re obsessed with them. With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of you might be looking for cute ways to show your special someone that you love and appreciate them. So we came up with these free printable love notes, which you can cut out and place all over your home.  Just think about the smile on your loved one’s face when they see these sweet little notes time after time, throughout the day.  This is why we love Valentine’s day!
Put this one on the steering wheel or stick in on the windshield under the wipers.
Okay, maybe the line between adorable and cheesy is a little blurred, but that’s what makes them fun. We definitely had a blast thinking of creative places to put these small notes and you should too. The notes shown here are a just a few so please check out our PRINTABLES page!