Make a Fringed Necklace

We’re making DIY jewelry again! This easy fringed necklace cost me little to no money and has fun pops of color, perfect for Spring.  I purchased this chain necklace from my local thrift store and with a little polishing, it was like new.  So for about $3.00, I had the first basic element for this project.  I then purchased the embroidery floss from my local craft store at $0.37 each.  With those two parts, this pastel necklace cost me less than $5.00.  This project didn’t take too long- about two-to-three hours, mainly because I started off having a hard time getting the floss through the holes.  But I love the way it turned out.  So if you want to make this necklace, follow along!


For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Chain necklace
  • Scissors (sharp sheers)
  • Super glue
  • Nail polish



First, make sure you’re starting at the center.  Put the necklace on, secured at the height that feels comfortable, and note its center.  This is where you will start making your knots.  Next, cut strips of floss at about 8-9″ each.  You’ll need to cut a lot of floss for this project.  Fold the string in half and loop it through one of the holes in the chain.


Insert the two ends of the floss through the loop you just created and pull tight.  You should now have an approximate 4-5″ fringe.  Doing this multiple times up the chain is basically how you create the necklace.  To create this design, I inserted three-to-four knots in each chain hole.  I knotted six holes with the yellow floss, five with the pink, and four with the mint; but you can choose to mix and match the colors any way you’d like.


What you’ll end up with after making all those knots is a fringy mess!  It will need taming, and that’s where your combing and cutting skills come in.  Use a fine-toothed comb to tame it, as it gathers the fringe together better than a wide-toothed one.  If your floss is bent and wrinkled, iron out the creases on a low setting.
As you comb, cut the ends of the fringe to create a V-shape.  Make sure your lines are straight.  It is key to use SHARP scissors.  Sheers would do better than traditional scissors.  As you can see, I switched from using my stainless steel scissors to the scissors I use to shape my eyebrows.  Hey, if they work cosmetically, they’ll definitely work for this project!

Once your v-shape is as precise as you want, comb it again to make sure they are close together.  Also, pull the fringe threads again just to make sure the knots are tight.  Seal the knots together at the top with superglue.  This will prevent any unraveling.

If you prefer, you can put a tad bit of clear nail polish at the bottom to seal the ends.  Go light on this, as you don’t want it to be super stiff.

And that’s it!  You now have a pretty statement necklace, that can dress up any look for Spring!  For me, the best part is the super low cost!  Happy DIY!