Wineglass Candle Holders

Here’s an easy decoration for the holiday season.  When time’s coming down to the wire and you need a quick last minute decoration for your holiday party, think about turning wine glasses into candle holders.  All you need are glasses, vase filler, flameless, electric tea lights, and any ribbon or tag to decorate the glass stem.



Turn on the tea light, set it in the glass, and then pour your vase filler on top.  We chose clear beads as our filler so the light would shine through.  The choice of a darker or more opaque filler may conceal the light inside.  You want a soft glow from the tea light, just as a candle would have.  When all the vases are lit, the beauty comes in seeing them flicker together.  We created  a lot of these and they look so beautiful when the lights are low.  And they are perfect for our holiday dinner party!  These are also great for a sweet romantic evening with your special someone.  Or turn on some holiday movies and really create that Christmas ambiance!  Have fun with these an let us know how you used them!  Happy DIY from Spark and Chemistry!