Hot Cocoa in a Jar Tutorial

It’s getting closer to that time of year again!  Time for jackets and cozy nights by the fire.  Though it’s not quite winter yet, going to Starbucks every morning to get a grande hot chocolate (with extra whip cream) has completely sparked a warm and cuddly gift idea: hot cocoa in a jar.  I can already taste the sweet goodness of chocolate and marshmallows swirled together in a ceramic mug, but first we need to gather our ingredients and create this special gift!
So of course we have the hot chocolate mix, but for extra goodness, we’ll add some chocolate morsels and marshmallows to top it off.  For this diy I’m using a small glass jar, but a mason jar will do as well.  Doesn’t it all look so yummy?  So basically all we’re going to do is layer these ingredients beautifully in the jar, starting with the hot chocolate mix.  I’m starting with the mix because I want it packed down nicely at the bottom of the jar.  You don’t want the mix to be the last ingredient put in, because it will sink right to the bottom.
Next, layer your chocolate morsels and the marshmallows on top.  How ever much of each ingredient you decide to add is up to you.  I put in about six teaspoons of hot cocoa mix, and eyeballed the morsels and marshmallows; but remember, that amount was for my little glass jar.  If you want to use a mason jar, feel free to add more mix, morsels and marshmallows (say that three times fast).
All done?  Not yet!  We have to finish it off with a printable, of course!  I have created a holiday inspired free printable topper that fits on top of a mason jar lid (as I assume that’s what most people are using).  Print it out and secure it to the top of your lid with glue or tape.  Finish it off with holiday inspired twine and then you’re done!
This simple gift is sure to warm hearts this holiday season and tummies too!