Merry and Bright Holiday Makeup Tutorial

So on Thanksgiving, I had this really dramatic smokey eye- and I know it was a bit much but lately I’ve really been pushing my makeup looks.  Whenever I get together with friends or family, for some reason I use that as an excuse to pull out all my makeup and go for it.  It was a beautiful look, and so I wanted to share with you one of my other glamorous, eye-catching party looks for the holidays.  I think this look is very sweet.  It’s dramatic, but not so dark that you look like a completely different person.  What I love is the touch of gold glitter on the lid that really pops and screams holiday party.  Wear this look to your Christmas or New Year’s party and pair it with a champagne colored dress, some striking heals and a clutch that’ll have you ready to bring on the new year with style.  Let’s get started!
For this look I am using drugstore products.  Yes, you can use drugstore makeup that will last all day/night and look amazing.  So don’t think you have to spend a ton of money to get a great look.  The secret is all in your base products and how you apply your makeup which makes all the difference.  So for this I’m using a Cover Girl eye shadow palette called Coffee Shop.  I bought it not too long ago, but I love the brown and gold tones.  It has a slight sheen to it that really looks great on any eye color.
Start by priming your eye.  I typically use Mac’s Bamboon, or Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  Don’t skip this step because this will ensure your makeup doesn’t crease and lasts all day.  Sometimes with lower end eye shadows, the products aren’t as pigmented.  So you’ll definitely want to use a primer on your eye first before applying.
For this I like to apply the eye shadow first, then fill in my brows.  Because this is a whiter highlight color, I don’t want to fill in my brows first, as the white may mess up the finished brow color.  With the whitest color on the palette, highlight your brow bone.
Use the Sigma E40 tapered blending brush to blend out the bronze color on the upper part of your lid, while also blending it into the crease.
Pat the gold color on your lid.
Next, use the Sigma E25 blending brush to apply the darker brown color only to the outer portion of your crease.  Blend it slightly inwards.
Sweep that color down on your lower lash line
Apply that gold color to the inner part of your lower lash line.
Use a smaller brush to apply the highlight color to the inner corner of your eye.
Apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in white to your lower water line.  This will open the eye, making it appear larger.
Pack on the gold glitter from NYX Glitter Cream Palette on your lid right on top of the gold color from the Cover Girl palette.  Pat this on gently, but be generous with the amount for a full, sparkly effect.  You can also use a little bit of eyelash glue on the lid, and pat on a pigmented, loose glitter like Too Faced Glamour Dust.
Fill in your eyebrows.
Add your foundation, concealer, contour and highlight after your eyes are done to complete the look.  I used Mac high tea on my lips to soften the look a bit more.  I did not use any eyeliner because I wanted my lashes to stand out against the gold glitter and also not to cover up the glitter.  We really want that to stand out the most.  To finish my eyes I applied Makeup Forever’s Smokey Extravagant mascara.  And that’s it! This elegant look is great for any holiday party.  Stay tuned for more holiday makeup looks!
~ Alicia