Spring Nails: Gold and Mint Chevron

Welcome Spring!  I am so glad it’s finally here, even though they’re still predicting snow for next week.  Go away Winter! 🙂 No matter what happens, I’m forcing Spring- in my wardrobe, with my hairstyles, and nails.  And as you can also tell, our website took a lovely “minty” turn.  It seems fate is pushing me in the direction to do a “Spring green” tutorial- chevron nails that combine mint green and a chic, metallic gold color.  This design is perfect for Spring and takes no time at all!

For this design I’m using Maybelline’s Green With Envy, and Bold Gold nail polish.  I’ve also used L’OREAL’s Top of the Line top coat.  I didn’t want to use any tape for this design because when I do, I always think it’s dry, so I stick the tape on, but then it’s not; and I have to start all over because I messed it up…ugh, too frustrating.  For this, you won’t need tape.  Just a steady hand and two of your favorite Spring colors.
Paint four of your nails with the mint color, and use the gold color for the chevron design.  Choose any nail on which to do the chevron pattern; though, I think the ring or index finger is best.  It takes a bit of practice, and I know I struggled with getting the chevron centered at one point, but I got the hang of it.  With this design, you are sure to get nail polish all over the sides of your finger.  To combat that, apply petroleum jelly around the nail before applying the polish.  The polish will get on the petroleum jelly instead of your fingers.  When done, carefully wipe it off with a cotton swab.  Use a toothpick to get it out of the cracks, while making sure you have a clean line around the edges of the nail.  Works like a charm!
I hope you guys like this!  I love it for Spring.  It’s light, fresh and really easy to do.  I also love how the metallic polish contrasts with the matte polish.  Finish off this design with a clear top coat and that’s it!